Short Term Project Goal: Enrichment Centre

Initial funds raised are currently being utilised in the development of a pilot project, the Enrichment Centre. The Enrichment Centre is open on weekdays and aims to provide care for the daily needs of adults with autism, suitably occupying them with activities and improving skills according to each client’s individual levels of competence.

Long Term Project Goal: Residential Home

The Academy for Adults with Autism will ultimately provide Residential Home where trained and experienced supervisors/carers and professionals will be employed or volunteer their services. This aims to provide a place of safety specifically for autistic adults requiring this type of facility and thus providing their families with the respite they require. The Residential Home will be a place where the autistic adult will have the opportunity for personal growth and training in skills of a variety of spheres of their lives in order to improve their quality of life in the long term. The Residential Home needs to have a therapeutic atmosphere, tailor-made to the particular requirements for the autistic person and be a place of safety within a homely, relaxed and comfortable, caring environment.

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