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The Enrichment Centre, located in Bergvliet – Cape Town, is a place where groups of adults with autism and special needs participate in a daily structured and monitored program. Guidance, support and encouragement is provided by staff who understand the challenges autism can present. The Enrichment Centre provides:
  • A safe, supportive and caring environment for adults and school leavers with ASD and Severe Learning Difficulties to attend on weekdays, as needed, based on their individual needs and profiles.
  • A structured, monitored, daily program incorporating:
    • Constructive activities e.g. puzzles, gardening, educational board games, etc as these are used as Visual Motor Integration learning tools for persons with severe learning difficulties and have proven to be therapeutic
    • Art and craft activities – taking into account the individual’s talents and abilities
    • Encouragement of independent life skills
      • Each client is encouraged to reach their highest potential with regard to communication skills and independence
    • Constant supervision by knowledgeable and experienced staff
    • Behavioural management utilising a non-aversive approach
    • Social opportunities
    • Therapeutic exercise programs under the supervision and advice of therapists and experienced professionals
    • Supervised leisure time and opportunities to practice valuable social skills and effective communication
    • Occasional outings to places of natural beauty or for learning purposes and walks
    • Encouragement to practice good manners at all times – at the centre and when out in public
    • Production of items that can be sold where funds raised through sales are used to sustain these projects
    • Limited contract work as supplied by supporting corporate social initiatives
    • Opportunities for vocational skills development

Staff Training

Staff are trained in:

  • STUDIO III Training (Understanding and Management of Behaviour of Autistic Adults)
  • First Aid Training Level One  
  • HANDLE® (Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development & Learning Efficiency) with knowledge, training and guidance provided by Jennifer Southgate of MINDSTRETCH.
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Telephone: +27 (0)21 712 1939
Cellphone: +27 (0)71 933 0535
Email: info@adultswithautism.org.za

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