We would like to thank the National Lotteries Commission for their generous and continued support of The Academy over the last few years. The funding received from the NLC is invaluable to the daily running and expansion of the non-profit organization and without it we would not be able to make the steady progress we have.

You can also help support us in one of the following ways:

Add us to your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card, so that every time you swipe, a small portion of your purchase is donated to us. This is arguably the easiest, most consistent way to support us, as it is completely free and every little bit helps! Don’t have a MySchool Card, or already have three charities loaded on your card? No Problem! Simply visit their website and order a card, or log into your account and change one of your beneficiaries to be “The Academy for Adults with Autism”.

Visit our ForGood webpage and see if you can meet any of our Needs, which vary from monetary donation projects, to specific fundraisers for maintenance or improvement of the home, to donation requests for games, puzzles, equipment etc.

You can also donate to us directly using the banking details at the bottom right of the page.

Sharing our content on social media also helps create awareness and increase the chances of us connecting with those who need our support. Our social media links can be found at the bottom left of the page.