Eco Bugs Recycling is an initiative by The Academy for Adults with Autism, with support from the NLC and Petco. We aim to improve the lives of adults on the autism spectrum by providing them with occupation, socialization, and a direct form of community involvement. Through this project we aim to raise awareness and understanding of the Autism Spectrum, help keep the community clean, and further include autistic adults in the general community’s everyday life. The Eco Bugs Team collects clean recycling from the community three days a week. These collected goods are then sorted into appropriate categories and, once enough goods of a particular type are collected, are sold on to the converters who process these items through their recycling plants. The Eco Bugs team also participates in beach and train line clean ups as a form of community outreach. Look out for our Eco Bugs collection vehicle in your area and give us a wave while we’re hard at work, striving for a more sustainable future.

If you are in our area and would like to sign up for our collection program, please send an email to and we will forward you the relevant information and application forms.