The Communal Home project aims to provide adults on the autism spectrum with a space where they can learn life skills, continue to hone their social abilities, and take on a sense of belonging and responsibility within a safe, supervised environment where they are encouraged and supported based on their individual strengths and abilities. The residents of Vineyard Place are encouraged to get involved with household activities such as laundry, dishes, cooking and baking, gardening, and maintenance. This allows them to gain responsibility through suitable occupation that benefits both themselves and those who share their living space. Residents take part in the Enrichment Program during the day and have a scheduled routine involving personal care, outings to interesting places, opportunities for social interaction, and visits from family and friends. This small communal space caters to the autistic individual by maintaining a calm, peaceful environment where each individual’s needs are taken into account so that all may co-exist and grow together within the communal home.

If you are interested in enrolling someone in our Communal Home, please send an email to  and we will forward you the relevant information and application forms.