Established to provide suitable occupation and stimulation for adults on the spectrum through a daily scheduled program. With the help of assistants and an OT, those who attend the Enrichment Program are challenged to grow and adapt within a safe and understanding environment where they are not marginalized or disregarded due to the individual challenges they face as an autistic adult, but are rather encouraged and reassured of their abilities and validity as individuals in society.

Each individual is assessed and their particular strengths and weaknesses are taken into account, with individual, personal growth as the focus. The Enrichment Program also focuses on group and social interactions, helping tackle difficulties in communication and social acceptance through the group dynamic created by the program. One of the major issues all autistic adults and their families face is the question of the future. Families can sometimes provide a safe and understanding environment in which the autistic person can feel comfortable, a space where they are unconditionally loved and accepted. Unfortunately, due to the social restrictions faced by those on the spectrum, the family unit might be the only space where an autistic person feels accepted and understood. There is a dire need for spaces and environments where autistic adults feel safe, understood, and where they can receive the level of support that they as an individual may need. The goal of the Enrichment Program is to provide such a space.

Visual schedule cards are used if helpful for attendees to maintain focus and to outline the planned structure of each day, assisting in reducing anxiety by clearly communicating what is expected and which activities can be looked forward to. Activities are all structured to be enriching to those involved and span from worksheets and table activities to physical tasks such as nature walks, obstacle courses, house hold tasks, and even supervised swimming in the pool on the premises. 

If you are interested in enrolling someone in our Enrichment Program, please send an email to and we will forward you the relevant information and application form